Rebranding – when, why and how

For market leaders in particular, re-branding is a delicate balance of considerations.

Having worked with leading Australian health fund HCF and others we are reminded of the core principles in re-branding for a market leader.
HCF’s rebranding journey – before and after:

HCF before and after branding

  1. The importance of retaining the core essence of the brand – especially its sense of authenticityThis is where a brand equity audit across touch points can be relevant – web, advertising, retail, product brochures etc.
  2. The importance of updating and keeping the logo contemporary. Failing to update signals important things about the brand – see below.
  3. The importance of evolution and sometimes, revolution in design.\

Semiotics can assist here. Categories over time develop conventions that if broken represent important statements about a brand as a challenger.

Mission Aust before and after

Importance of keeping up to date
Conducting regular brand refreshes says a lot about what to expect of your products, pricing and the customer experience. For example, the positives of appropriate rebranding and negatives of not evolving your brand are that your brand will be seen as:
Importance of keeping up to date 2

Rebranding and research
The Inside Story uses an end to end process to assist brands through the process of rebranding from the brand design tweak to more substantial brand transformation or rebranding.

Re-branding process