Placing your customers and other stakeholders at the centre of your business with current best practice research.

What We Do:

As a specialist in the human experience and interaction with each of your touchpoints, Inside Story helps B2C and B2B businesses connect authentically at an emotional level tailored to today’s continuously evolving sentiments.

Inside Story applies tried and tested research methods tailored to meet your business’s requirements with an experience base of over 2,500 successful assignments.

People are rarely fully aware of what they think and why they make choices. Central to our approach are methods that tap into preconscious ‘System 1’ thinking rather than direct questions that can invite superficial and rationalised responses.

Qualified in applied anthropology, psychology, business, and marketing with significant commercial experience, our research professionals bring the psychological insight and critical thinking to put both qualitative and quantitative research findings together into a compelling message. And we don’t just discover. There is the practical focus to guide you every step of the way.

We have the track record to cover a wide range of business challenges, including:

  • Value proposition design
  • Jobs to Be Done insight (Clayton Christensen, Competing Against Luck 2016)
  • Corporate reputation management, NPS®, and advocacy
  • Go-to-market strategies
  • Communications and channel strategy
  • Longitudinal tracking research
  • Product Innovation
  • User experience design

What It Involves:

We are method agnostic designing approaches that provide clear answers to your business and marketing questions.

Our methods include survey research, focus groups, depth interviews, eye tracking, neuro, metaphor elicitation, Jobs to Be Done insight, and agile research methods involving online communities/forums over 5 to 12 days.

These methods are updated continuously based on evolving practice.

We make sure the right research questions are addressed by commencing each assignment with a structured briefing to help define the real business issues.

Inside Story provides an end-to-end research service:

  • Designing primary data capture instruments: surveys, qualitative topic guides, and defining secondary data content capture
  • Deploying representative samples of households, individuals, customers, and other stakeholders
  • Managing data collection and associated quality control according to The Research Society privacy guidelines
  • Processing and analysing data outputs, including deploying advanced analytics such as latent class segmentation, choice modelling, Max-Diff, regression-based, and other analyses
  • Qualitative content analysis, metaphor, narrative and semiotic analysis
  • Reporting and presentations
  • Client workshops to help embed the findings within the organisation.

We are skilled at bringing together multiple qualitative and quantitative data sets together, including secondary data sources, to provide a rich, engaging, and more global picture on which to base decisions.

What makes our approach different?:

In one of our client’s own words, Inside Story is a unique combination of deep consumer psychological insight and quantitative expertise, resulting in the valuable interpretation of research data that provides a real competitive advantage.

A distinctive approach to working underpins our performance that includes:

  • Robust research design capability enabling psychological insight
  • Qualified guidance: Qualified in applied anthropology, psychology, business, and marketing with significant commercial experience, our research professionals guide you each step of the way, from correctly framing the challenge to finding what really matters to helping you create the impactful strategies that will deliver your commercial success
  • Best current research practice tapping into preconscious/System 1 thinking.

With over 2,500 successful assignments and enduring client partnerships, our client testimonials and results for clients demonstrate our value and distinctiveness.