Our clients benefit from our multi-disciplinary team’s deep understanding of human behaviour, enabled by a toolkit of tried and tested methodologies – including implicit techniques that go deeper.

We also understand that the best insights are not just discovered but constructed. We have the expertise to join the dots, finding the hidden patterns that represent emerging commercial opportunities as yet unrealised in the market place.

And we are delivering deep discovery faster than ever before. We are expert at Quick Cycle Participatory Research, iteratively working hand in hand with our clients to deliver more creative solutions quickly.

Deeper Discovery

Intentionally Breaking Conventions

At the Inside Story we are intentionally breaking conventions to deliver deep discovery in new ways, more commercial time frames and with greater cost efficiency.

We are, for example:

  1. Coaching and working side by side with customers to train them and help them collect and reflect upon the significance of the findings as they emerge. This is especially relevant in ethnographic research where training customers can enable expensive ethnographic exploration to be scaled and delivered in shorter time frames and with higher ROI.
  2. Enlisting customers (where our clients are comfortable) to share the business challenge, gaining an added level of their cooperation and more confessional outputs and a higher degree of cooperation – rather than keeping them in the dark.
  3. Enabling clients to role play as customers, moving purposefully and knowingly far away from the older research paradigms of objectivity and distance to achieve another type of more intimate outcome, which is arguably just as important.

We are breaking new ground by combining both deeper with faster discovery with our Quick Cycle Participatory Research process.