Get Inside the Minds of Your Key Influencers

What We Do:

Since 1999, Inside Story has been measuring the reputational assets and liabilities for many of Australia’s largest enterprises amongst important stakeholders you define: media, regulators, government, key customers, employees, community and business partners, and others. 

We help clients build advocates and drive higher Net Promoter Scores (NPS), through: 

✓  Auditing and benchmarking corporate reputations, trust, and advocacy.

✓ Auditing and benchmarking stakeholder relationship health.

“We commissioned this research to understand what stakeholders think of the organisation and what they perceive it should be doing more of. In general, the report helps pass on difficult messages internally – able to hear from the horses’ mouth – messages that may otherwise be ignored or disbelieved.” 
Client in the Information/Entertainment/Technology sector.

We not only measure we go deeper to discover why so that enterprises can formulate strategies to address key issues and opportunities.

We interview stakeholders in person and deliver rich qualitative insight as well as a scorecard of corporate image metrics to track your organisation’s corporate image and reputation assets and liabilities over time. 

We join the dots linking what the organisation does (actions, policies, culture) with trust, corporate reputation, support, and likelihood to recommend. 

We also measure the health of your relationships and help corporate affairs, external relations, corporate communications, public affairs, and relationship managers demonstrate their value to the business and plan improvement opportunities.

As we have been tracking corporate image and reputations in Australia since 1999, we have a variety of benchmarks and learnings to assist. We have the knowledge to help you increase your strategic Net Promoter Scores (click to access free download article).

Our reports are read by Managing Directors and the C-Levels of leading enterprises.

What It Involves:

  1. Recruit difficult to reach relevant stakeholders based on agreed privacy-compliant protocols. 
  2. Semi-structured depth interview.
  3. Complete a scorecard assessing the performance of nominated companies on up to the 27 corporate image items critical to understanding the strengths and weaknesses of a company’s reputation plus relationship health.
  4. A comprehensive report and presentation with recommendations. 

  • We've now completed two half year surveys and the comparison was startling. We began the survey as a way of understanding what media sentiment was about us during a tumultuous period for the company. The comments back from journalists were very revealing and provided a warts-and-all assessment of their view of our reputation. The feedback was practical and delivered in a well-structured and actionable manner. This first survey was provided to the CEO, Chairman and External Communication team so they all understood the situation we were facing. The second survey showed a remarkable change because it was done as the turmoil had just about dropped off the radar screen. Not only was it a useful benchmarking exercise, but it showed how media sentiment moved in response to Board and management changes during the six months. What it also showed was the difference in how we are perceived by the "inner circle" of media who know us well, and general business journalists. We have now included this measure in our KPIs for the year.

    Carden Calder
    for IAG when first commenced tracking in 2002
  • Inside Story conducted research for us to help us to establish our CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) strategy at my former organisation. Her approach and method was very effective and we are now in discussion with Catherine to conduct similar research for my current organisation.

    Bill Andrew
    Executive General Manager, Organisational Development at South East Queensland Water
  • The INSIDE REPUTATION research we conducted a few years ago has guided us in our sustainability strategy and has been instrumental in giving us a view and targets to help us achieve a much more positive view of our Company with the State Government, with NGO's and the local community around our mill operation.

    Ross Hearne
    General Manager, Corporate Services - South Asia| Kimberly-Clark South Asia
  • Inside Story provided us with an in-depth report that helped us to understand our target audiences better and re-align our positioning. Catherine was great to work with and I have no hesitation in recommending Inside Story to anyone looking for a good value-add service.

    Abdi Noor
    Head of Public Affairs & Communications at Australian Unity
  • Inside Story understands [its] client's needs, especially when it comes to getting a pulse check on an organisation's reputation. It can be a difficult thing to measure, but Inside Story has strong industry knowledge and can suggest the best approach.

    Former client, insurance industry
  • Inside Story provided us with an in-depth report that helped us to understand our target audiences better and re-align our positioning. [The team] was great to work with and I have no hesitation in recommending [them] to anyone looking for a good value-add service.

    Save The Children
  • [Inside Story] provides great insight to companies and executives about what the media REALLY think. [Their] work on media reputation is excellent, and a must have for those serious about measuring the strength of their reputation with journalists.

    Former client, financial services industry

What Makes Our Approach Different:

✓  Unlike some commercial offerings, findings are confidential highly strategic, going beyond ‘beauty contest’ style reputation rankings.

✓  Experienced corporate reputation research specialists with over 20 years of experience in monitoring reputations and advising clients.

✓  Unparalleled access to leading journalists, influential bloggers, and opinion leaders who know and trust the Inside Story brand name. Appropriate privacy-compliant handling of any client lists involved.

✓  Corporate Image and Reputation metrics that have been tested and refined over more than a decade of tracking and advising Australia’s largest headline-makers with appropriate validations.

✓  We also measure and deepen understanding of stakeholder relationship health, stakeholder engagement, and your Corporate Social Responsibility track record, key drivers of a good reputation.

✓  An extensive knowledge base of benchmarks from various sectors: ICT, utilities, insurance, retail banking, pharmaceuticals, government agencies, industrials, beverage, food, energy, and more. These cover a variety of different commercial experiences providing instructive lessons learned.

✓  A best practice reputation model for corporate reputation measurement developed in conjunction with Professor Grahame Dowling, author of Creating Corporate Reputations (Oxford Press). 

✓  Our reports have strategic relevance and are easy to read.

To learn more, we have various articles on these topics on our Inside Story Blog and below. Call Liane Ringham to discuss your individual needs on +61 (0)2 9299 9979 or e-mail: [email protected]