How Effective Stakeholder Engagement Drives Organisational Success

Organisations engage with stakeholders for a variety of reasons. Building trust is an important goal.

What we are learning 

For example, QBE, a leading Australian insurer, has a history of being very well regarded but not directly engaging with the media for many years. While this has reportedly changed in more recent times, its reputation has been more volatile than other similar companies that have engaged effectively with stakeholders. 

Goals of stakeholder engagement

Effective stakeholder engagement is widely recognised as critical to the success of the organisation. Without support, the organisation can’t meet its goals and indeed survive. Organisations engage with stakeholders for lots for reasons, for example:

However, stakeholder engagement is a discipline of emerging and increasing knowledge unlike branding and marketing, which has an immense, albeit changing, body of knowledge.

The above findings are based on research conducted by Inside Story Research and Knowledge Management. For over 20 years, Inside Story has been tracking the trust and reputation of hundreds of companies and organisations in Australia and the quality of their relationships. This research is still a work in progress and will be released as it emerges on this website.