Section 1: How We Complement Big Data

Many organisations are awash with big data, it’s our job to help make sense of it. As experts in human behaviour, we bring  deep understanding and put the customer into sharp focus.

From first principles, we can help you structure your database, develop a Big Data analysis plan.

We engage with big data at any one (or all) of three levels:

Level 1: We fill the gaps in big data – unseen behaviours, events, customer contexts. The role of price, comparison websites and unseen motivations, triggers and barriers that complete the picture.

Level 2: We join the dots. We combine data sources, bringing client data together with other sources such as geolocation.

We apply sophisticated algorithms that look for the patterns and drivers of key outcomes using latest quantitative tools. We model customer lifetime value impacts of dialling up different actions.

Level 3: Our experienced insight professionals construct the insight, seeing the patterns in responses and across data sources. We build the stories which highlight the strategic implications, help you visualise the possibilities and deliver guidance to act upon the findings.