Customer Journey Mapping

Creatively Manage the Customer Lifecycle

What We Do:

cjm-01We take your ideas, validating and enriching them through incorporating the customer perspective.

We elicit the customer defined requirements – highlighting actions and possibilities that can take the customer experience from good to outstanding, at each point in the journey.


What It Involves:

We conduct structured workshops with customers with recent experiences at each touch point.

Where appropriate, we use the ethnographic method and mystery shopping to fully understand existing behaviours and experiences – identifying opportunities to innovate.

We listen and validate your ideas, deepening understanding of how these might work in real life.

We map these out visually, bringing the customers emotional journey to life to inspire creativity.

And if you wish, we can also facilitate your internal workshops, mapping the customer touch points and helping to envision the ideal customer journey based on your own internal knowledge and expertise.

Challenges This Solves:

Our approach is structured, precise and highly effective

It provides a rich source of creative stimulation.

Traditional customer journey maps can leave out direct customer input and miss important elements. Our approaches ensure the customer is central.