Brand Health and Communications Optimisation

Better business outcomes from marketing investments

The Inside Story diagnoses and helps you optimise your digital and other communications by pinpointing strengths and weaknesses within the end to end chain of cause and marketing effect.

We provide clear and precise direction based on many years of tracking brands and communications in conjunction with:

  • The input of our experienced quantitative modellers, and
  • Our extensive database of norms.

The Inside Story identifies any breakdown in the chain of events resulting in positive business outcomes:

Inside Story - brand and communications - end to end framework

The Inside Story delivers the benefits of linking business outcomes with key drivers – socio, cultural, trend, plus marketing investments – in real time, enabling enable corrective and opportunistic action.

Real time feedback – through an interactive portal – creates the ongoing visibility of outcomes that encourages opportunistic adjustments to the marketing mix, delivering a better ROI.

We recognise the need for any brand equity model to be linked to business outcomes and key drivers – socio, cultural, trend plus marketing investments:

Inside Story - brand health model

Cookie Tracking: Brand Impacts From Digital Campaigns

What We Do:

We track digital campaigns, delivering a true reflection of the brand impacts of your digital investments.

What It Involves:

We tag survey respondents – with their permission – so you can see which sites they visit during the campaign.

This provides a validated measure of the true effective reach of digital campaigns and combined impacts of your other media investments.

What Is Involved:

By comparing the responses of those exposed to digital campaign assets versus those not exposed, we demonstrate the impact of your digital investments.

Challenges This Solves:

Clicks and purchased reach are only measures of exposure – not impact.

Traditional continuous tracking studies rely on recall; ineffective with digital campaigns which represent more fleeting impressions, reliant on implicit memory.

We deliver a validated measure of reach, and quantify the impact on your brand and customer behaviours.

Updated to the digital environment of today.

Experienced interpretation of tracking results and pragmatic recommendations based on over 20 years experience tracking for some of Australia’s leading advertisers.

Options For:

One off campaigns.

Ongoing brand and ad tracking.