Part 1:

Modelling at the Inside Story - Customer Lifetime Value Modelling

What We Do:

Impact modelling of customer lifetime value.

See what happens to financial ROI if you dial up or down different investments.

Inside Story - financial ROI modelling

What It Involves:

Determine your priorities based on customer importance, cost of improvement and financial return.

Optimise your activities.

Set financially accountable KPIs.

In an app:

Inside Story - Return On Investment Calculator app

Challenges This Solves:

Translates investments in customer initiatives into the language of the CFO ie financial return on investment.


Part 2:

Neural Network Analysis

What We Do:

Neural network analysis is a best practice approach to mining complex data – including survey data, public and internal client databases – extracting powerful if then decision rules.

It can be applied to many useful business and marketing applications – segmentation, customer journeys, customer churn modelling – delivering a whole of customer view.

Inside Story - Modelling

What It Involves:

We construct a series of simple if then statements, which forecast what consumers will do after event triggers and sequences of events.

For example:

If in the last four months, there were: three unsatisfactory phone enquiries and one larger than expected bill, then the customer will actively seek quotes from alternative providers.

Challenges This Solves:

More systematic and efficient than other regression or chaid reliant modelling options.

Moves away from a siloed view of the customer to a more holistic understanding.

Deals effectively with data sets that involve a lot of missing data.