Real Time Experiential Tracking

Second Generation Continuous Tracking

What We Do:

Real time in-market responses to each of your touch points – call centre, website, retail outlet, advertising etc. Mobile data capture of experiences including marketing communications. Your activities and your competitors’. Combined with in-the-moment evaluations of these experiences.

What It Involves:

Mobile surveys integrating – if required – your data warehouse and other data feeds. Option to upload photos and video footage via mobile.   Engaging visualisations in a customised portal delivered direct to key people within your organisation who can action the results. Advanced modelling of the impacts on experiences in real time. Feedback portal delivers a moving picture of your campaigns, and your competitors’. Inside Story - journey mapping

What Is Involved:

Enables adjustment of elements of marketing strategy in real time by touch point:

  • Brand visibility
  • Creative elements – what to up-weight and down-weight
  • Message cut through
  • Promotions effectiveness
  • Service quality
  • Sponsorship elements
  • Publication assets
  • Target audience impacts


Challenges This Solves:

Opportunity to optimise strategy in real time. Traditional market research and continuous tracking relies on recall, which is incomplete and sometimes inaccurate.  Instead, the real-time experiential tracking with mobile phone enables capture when communication is experienced and does not rely on memory.

Options For:

Large samples, very short mobile/SMS surveys. OR More qualitative in-depth supplement to traditional brand and ad tracking via our StoryLine qualitative feedback and collaboration platform.

  • Vivid, rich and moment in time
  • Observe responses unfolding
  • Deep dive on reactions
  • Opportunity to prompt to visit websites to enrich real life learning