New Product Research

Create Successful New Products

What We Do:

Watch your ideas evolving, co-creating alongside customers as they respond to your ideas in real time.

Discover deeply relevant unmet needs.

Create value propositions using metaphoric analysis to tap into the basic unit of human experience – the pre-conscious, rather than conscious and rational.

And once the idea is optimised, we can help you build your ‘go to market strategy’ – pricing, channel preferences, partners etc.

What It Involves:

Based on: Customer workshops, individual one on ones and/or our online qualitative co-creation platform StoryLine.

The Inside Story works with you to develop and evolve storyboards to present your idea in the relevant life scenarios that enable effective research learning.

Over a number of sessions, ideas are adjusted rapidly with our Quick Cycle Participatory Research process.





The Inside Story has proven to be a tremendous commercial resource. They have demonstrated their capacity to work very closely, collaborating in complex environments to help us break new ground. Their ability to engage with consumers to test and learn went beyond what you usually get from research and really assisted the development of our new product ideas as well as a range of other creative initiatives we have worked with them on.

Sanjay Balakrishnan
Head of Marketing, Wesfarmers Insurance & Coles Insurance

Challenges This Solves:

Traditional product concept testing may be slow, costly and fail to fully optimise your ideas – representing an opportunity loss.

Consumer input can be very helpful in identifying product opportunities, yet product research may reject early ideas because consumers can’t contextualise them within their everyday lives.

We assist clients in developing the appropriate stimulus to help overcome these challenges and work with them to modify their stimulus to maximise learning across sessions, in quick succession.